Family Firms: A Blueprint for Managing the Shareholder vs. Stakeholder Debate?

Thought Leadership
August 25, 2021

Traditionally, the sole objective of any firm has been to maximize shareholder value.  However, there is now an open debate as to whether firms have an obligation to consider other stakeholders as well.

Strategy in the Family Firm: The Importance of Strategic Thinking

Thought Leadership
February 26, 2021

When we survey family business leaders, we of- ten find that they want to learn more about strategy. While many family firms have strategic plans, those plans often lack a clear expression of an overall competitive strategy that reflects deep strategic thinking. Clearly identifying and committing to an overall competitive strategy and executing on that strategy is central to achieving business and family goals, company profitability, and the long-term survival of the business. More

Diversity in the S&P 100 Companies

Thought Leadership
February 10, 2021

How much diversity is there among S&P 100 Board of Directors?  The new diversity data sheet breaks this down between family and non-family controlled companies.  Take a look. More

Thought Leadership and New Insights are a Pillar of Center Activities

Thought Leadership
January 15, 2021

Steve Miller developed the Family Business Leadership Development Framework because of his passion for helping next generation leaders find success in the family business. More

Covid-19 Qualitative Research Summary

Thought Leadership
May 01, 2020

Stephen P. Miller, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor  In recent weeks Kenan-Flagler Family Enterprise Executive Director David Worth and I have been talking with family business leaders to learn how they are coping with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary government restrictions on business activities. Five themes quickly emerged. More